13 December 2010

avocado and strawberry ice cream

I wanted to combine the words ice cream and avocado to make a super word but all I could come up with was avice cream. Granted I only spent 15 seconds thinking about it but there's no way I'm using a word that when traced back to its origins means 'failing or defect'. Because there is nothing defective about this ice cream.

I used Alton Brown's recipe which is great because it doesn't use any eggs! Also, because it's strawberry season, I sliced some up and threw them in. I like the strawberries with the avocado because their slight tartness is refreshing against the creaminess and richness of the avocado.

The ice cream sets up very solid so needs to be put in the fridge for a bit to soften for serving. Other than that it scoops well and, unlike other avocado things, it stays green!

Avocado and Strawberry Ice Cream
I followed Alton's recipe which seemed to be the most popular recipe (according to Google) and as it finished churning in my ice cream machine, I added in just over half a punnet of sliced strawberries. Alton's recipe can be found here.


Meg said...

Oh, wow! Avocado and strawberries are 2 of my favourite things :)

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